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Hollow & Hollow can assist you in a wide range of legal issues which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Personal Injury
If you are injured due to another person’s fault (negligence), you may endure pain, suffering, medical bills, lost work, permanent disability, and financial ruin. You deserve compensation for your valid personal injury claim.
Time is of the essence. Seek the help of a lawyer as soon as you believe you have a claim. The more time that passes after the accident, the more likely it is that valuable evidence could be lost or destroyed and the less likely that witnesses can be located. Furthermore, Tennessee Law sets a limit of time in which you must file your claim (usually one year). If you fail to file suit after that statutory time limit, you will not be able to seek compensation for your injuries.
Insurance and Personal Liability Defense
We have extensive expertise in the areas of personal and insurance defense. Our firm routinely handles the following types of defense litigation for insurance companies, individual clients, and business entities:
Automobile and personal injury
Insurance bad faith
Trucking litigation
Aviation law
Medical malpractice
Contractor negligence
Professional negligence
Products liability
Drug liability
Contractor liability
Media and 1st Amendment
The media faces daily challenges ranging from defamation of character and invasion of privacy to lack of citizen and media access to public meetings or public documents and shielding news gatherers from compelled testimony. Despite the substantial hurdles and oftentimes government resistance, we have successfully represented our clients with these First Amendment issues.
Conservatorship / Guardianship / Elder Law
If you have a loved one who is disabled or who is no longer able to handle his/her personal and financial affairs or to make medical decisions, you may need a conservatorship. A conservatorship is a court process that will grant you the legal authority to make financial and medical decisions for your loved one.
If you have a special needs child who has reached the age of 18, you may be required to obtain a conservatorship over his/her person and property in order to continue to provide the necessary assistance.
Contact us so we can discuss your needs and help you find solutions.
Business Law and Contracts
Small businesses are often reluctant to seek the assistance of an attorney to prevent legal problems which could head off litigation before it occurs. However, as the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
While it is not possible to completely eliminate the threat of litigation or guarantee that a business relationship will be successful, a customized contract and legal consultation about business practices by one of our attorneys can do much to prevent problems from ever developing. The initial cost for this is small compared to the cost of litigation followed by an adverse verdict or the disastrous impact from a client’s failure to fulfill an obligation. Contractors, service businesses, Internet companies, rental property owners, and other small businesses in particular derive extensive benefit from our services.
Wills, Estates, and Estate Planning
No one wants to confront mortality. However, a well planned estate and properly drafted will are essential to ensure that your possessions and assets are distributed according to your wishes. This can reduce, and in some cases prevent, family turmoil and infighting, the pain of handling your affairs, and the frustration of navigating the legal process (probate).
Estate planning may include more than a will. Life insurance, trusts, durable powers of attorney, and living wills must also be considered.
In addition, we can help with the probate of an existing estate and provide services as personal representatives to ensure the proper distribution of assets.
Mediation: Civil and Family Law
When parties are unwilling or unable to resolve a dispute, one good option is to turn to mediation. Mediation is generally a short-term, structured, task-oriented, and “hands-on” process.
In mediation, the disputing parties work with a neutral third party, the mediator, to resolve their disputes. The mediator facilitates the resolution of the parties’ disputes by supervising the exchange of information and the bargaining process. The mediator helps the parties find common ground and deal with unrealistic expectations. He or she may also offer creative solutions and assist in drafting a final settlement. The role of the mediator is to interpret concerns, relay information between the parties, frame issues, and define the problems. Hollow and Hollow are very experienced in mediation and will work on your behalf to get the outcome you desire.
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