Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to meet or can we just discuss my issue by e-mail or phone?
Litigation can be expensive, complex, and time-consuming. Even seemingly “simple” matters have their own pitfalls and idiosyncrasies. Proper representation of the client requires a high degree of trust and confidentiality. Confidentiality and trust cannot be fostered anonymously by telephone and e-mail. While we will be happy to speak to you by telephone for a brief discussion of your matter, we will not dispense legal advice via telephone.
In order to properly address your issue, we will need to sit down in our office and discuss it. Simply click the contact link above and set a time to meet with one of our attorneys.
Why is a face-to-face meeting so important?
A face-to-face meeting is required to preserve confidentiality and to create trust between the attorney and the client. The attorney/client privilege of confidentiality is the most sacred and protected privilege under the law. It exists so that the client and attorney can speak candidly with one another without the fear of disclosure of any damaging or embarrassing information.
Can you guarantee a favorable result?
You have undoubtedly seen countless lawyer TV ads promising to “make the other guy pay” or “get you money for your accident.” These flashy and sometimes obnoxious and ridiculous advertisements might create a false expectation in the mind of the public. These ads, however, do not give the public the reality of litigation. They don’t tell you, for example, that for every alleged “big verdict,” they had countless other cases that resulted in a zero verdict or little money for the client. They also do not tell you in those ads that, when you file a lawsuit, your private life is open to discovery to the other side, including your medical records, educational and work history, and marital and criminal history. They do not tell you that you will have to give this information to companies and individuals who are entitled to disseminate this information. Nor do they tell you that you might have to testify about these things in front of other lawyers and a jury of 12 strangers. This is why we take careful case evaluation so seriously.
In most cases, no lawyer can guarantee a successful resolution of the case or the payment of money. The law is an art, not a science, and there are many outside factors that can adversely affect your case. Despite the best efforts of your attorney, the case may not go your way. To increase the chances of a successful outcome, careful case selection is needed, as is your complete and honest cooperation. We will not file or take meritless legal matters for you, nor will we represent you to “get even” with someone.
Do you charge for the initial consultation?
Yes. You will meet with one of Hollow & Hollow’s attorneys for your initial consultation, not a paralegal or secretary. We will take whatever time is necessary to discuss your case with you. Our consultation fee will be discussed at the time the initial meeting is set.
What do I need to bring to our meeting?
You will need to bring any documentation, photographs, or court papers that you may have received and any other materials that you feel are important to your case.
How much will this cost me?
It depends on the matter. If we accept your representation, we will discuss our rates and provide you with an estimate of what the total cost should be. You will also be given a monthly accounting of the expenditures on your file.
There is no charge to you if your insurance company has hired us to represent you.
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