Personal Injury
Hollow and Hollow will get you the compensation you deserve for your valid personal injury claim.
Insurance & Personal Liability Defenses
We have extensive expertise in the areas of personal and insurance defense. We routinely handle many types of defense litigation.
Media/1st Amendment
Despite the substantial hurdles and government resistance, we have successfully represented our clients dealing with many First Amendment issues.
Conservatorship / Guardianship / Elder Law
If you have a loved one who is disabled, or has special needs Hollow and Hollow can help you navigate a consevatorship or Guardianship.
Business Law
A customized contract and legal consultation about business practices by one of our attorneys can do much to prevent problems from ever developing.
Wills/Estate Planning
No one wants to confront mortality.  However, Hollow and Hollow can properly draft your will and plan your estate.
When parties are unable to resolve a dispute, mediation is a good option. Hollow and Hollow are very experienced mediators, and can help you achieve your desired outcome.
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